Must Have Tech Gadgets In 2021

Must Have Tech Gadgets In 2021

Must Have Tech Gadgets In 2021

The technology is getting better each day, so it’s hard to find a gadget that deserves a spot in your collection. There are new smartphones coming each day with better cameras, better processor and a better design. Speakers with better sound, wireless earbuds with more reliable connectivity, so it’s really hard to select one gadget.

So we have prepared a list of all the amazing gadgets that you need to buy for yourself in 2021 to experience the beauty of technology. This list will save you from all that thinking and the headache.

Let’s start listing our picks for the must-have tech gadgets in 2021 out there:


The Bose Portable Home Speaker is a premium speaker that will turn your room into a disco. It has an amazing sound and comes with a lot of features. There's Wi-Fi available on this device which means that the device comes with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice commands.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity, which makes this powerful speaker a good-to-go gadget. If you are someone that loves traveling, you can just carry this easily with the handle. This home speaker is water-resistant as well, so even if someone spills a drink on this speaker you are safe.

You are getting 12 hours battery life with fast charging, it will easily get you through the day. Adding this Bose portable home speaker in your collection will be a great decision.


This premium watch is an upgrade from the last Apple Watch, it has the new always-on retina display which will allow you to keep track of time without raising your wrist to activate it. Not only that, but you also have a built-in compass with the ability to measure altitude as well.

The heart-rate sensor on this watch is 100% accurate and also ECG-capable. This watch also comes with cellular network connectivity, but you will have to pay more for that model. Apple has worked hard on the battery life of this watch, it can last up to 18 hours with the always-on display all day. If you turn it off, the watch can last up to to 48 hours.


iON Pods Pro is one of the most affordable premium wireless earbuds you will find on the market. This truly wireless earbuds comes with all the great features. You have a great sound with smart sensors and in-ear design that will just stay there, even if you move your head a lot.

If you lose iON Pods Pro, you can also track them with the tracker inside. You can also customize the sound according to your taste. The battery life of these wireless earbuds is huge, it can easily get you through the day with still 30% of the battery left.

The price of these earbuds starts from $79.95 which makes it the best premium wireless earbuds on the market, because no other wireless earbuds provide you such amazing features with a sleek build. They look just like the new Airpods pro but these earbuds have better features and a customizable sound. Many other great features that you won’t find on those expensive earbuds.


Logitech G915 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard is one of the best you will find. It has a minimal beautiful design with a strong build that comes with logitech's mechanical switches which are one of the top switches to choose from.

This keyboard provides an excellent performance in wireless mode, you can easily use it up to 30 hours without recharging with even maximum brightness of backlighting. You can also connect it via Bluetooth, or through a USB receiver.

You can customize the keyboard keys and it's RGB lighting with the Logitech G Hub software. Multimedia keys are also a key feature of this beautiful keyboard.


Lifeproof LIFEACTÍV power pack 20 battery pack comes with a full waterproof body, that can survive water deep as much as 6.6 feet. The build is really strong if you are someone that drops things a lot this battery pack is a great choice for you. You can throw it from a height of 4 feet, and it will still be alive after that.

It comes with a 20,000 mAh battery capacity because of the two 10,000 mAh batteries inside. You can easily charge 2-3 laptops with some cell phones as well. You can charge this battery pack through the USB-A port or the USB-C, that depends on you.

If you are someone that's sick of carrying the charger with you everywhere, and worried if there will be a power switch to plug your charger in to charge your gadget, just buy this battery pack and you will have to worry about nothing. It can easily charge all your gadgets.


NVIDIA Shield TV is just like any other Android TV streaming player but it also has a ton of new features. You have Artificial intelligence to make everything on screen look better then it is.

It is also compatible with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos content, you also have the Google Assistant on board to solve all your problems with just a voice command. You can also control all your smart home gadgets by just a voice command.

If you are someone that enjoys gaming, then this is a perfect player for you, because of the powerful chip inside you can run any game on it without any stuttering.


GoBePro Wireless Earbuds is a better version of the Apple AirPods Pro. These earbuds are the 4th generation design of true wireless earbuds. It has all the great features that make them a great choice for all kinds of users. These wireless earbuds are water and sweat resistant, a great battery life and an amazing microphone mesh that produces a clear sound even in a windy condition.

The in-ear design of GoBePro Wireless Earbuds makes it a great fit. It also comes with three different silicone tips to make it a perfect fit for every kind of user. The audio these earbuds produce is an overall beautiful sound, a deep bass combined with good clarity in high, mid, low and treble. These earbuds also have a smart sensor that will automatically pause the audio if you remove one of the earbuds from your ears.

Other than that, these wireless earbuds have sound customization options, you can easily tune them according to your choice. GoBePro Wireless Earbuds also has a tracker, so if you lose them nothing to worry about, you can track them on your phone easily. GoBePro Wireless Earbuds are compatible with all devices with Bluetooth. These wireless earbuds are also not that much expensive, they are the most affordable wireless earbuds you will find on the market with all the premium features. The price of these earbuds start from $89.95.

If you are someone who's looking to buy a pair of premium wireless earbuds but also have a tight budget, then this is the perfect option for you. You are getting all good features like, smart sensor, waterproof, sound customization, 24 hours of battery life, and a tracker.


  • Great sound quality
  • Affordable price
  • Tracker
  • Sound customization
  • Good Bluetooth range
  • Smart sensor
  • Huge battery life
  • Premium design


  • People are not aware of this brand

Instant camera is something you can never go wrong with, it's a must-have gadget in your collection if you are someone who likes taking photos or traveling. It also comes with bluetooth and a huge battery life of 60 days so if you buy this camera, you will have to charge it once after months.

You can switch from one lens to another, there are two lenses, one is for portraits which is better for photos from 1ft to 3ft and the other one is just the standard lens that you can use from photos beyond 3ft.

It's a great instant camera with an affordable price tag and you can also control it with your smartphone, what do you want more?


iPhone 11 Pro Max is the latest phone from Apple. It has a lot of cool colors to choose from, midnight green is the most popular color. The amazing camera this phone has will just make your photography experience better. No matter if it's front or back, both camera setups are amazing.

The battery life is improved a lot, the screen is much better and the games will not lag even a bit. It's a huge phone with a 6.5-inch display, it has a strong build made up of stainless steel which is no doubt more durable than most of the smartphones in the market right now.

If you don't want to spend more than $1000 on a smartphone then you go with the smaller variants, but they will not provide you with the new iPhone experience. You can also use the iON Pods pro with this new iPhone as they are compatible with both iOS and Android.


The new EOS RP is the best mirrorless camera on the market right now. With the new 26.2 MP image sensor and a brilliant image processor, you are going to get amazing pictures and 4K videos with high quality.

The price starts from $1299 which is a reasonable price for a camera that comes with a full-frame sensor. Other key features you should know about is the touch screen, built-in electronic viewfinder, versatile manual controls and much more.

This new camera will just make the photography world better for you, you are going to love this camera even if you are a newbie. It's a great camera you need to add to your collection.

This new action camera from GoPro is the best you will find out there. It's small, easy-to-use and has better connectivity. It can record footage at 4K 60 frames per second and also live-stream your action in full HD resolution.

No doubt, this Hero8 black action camera has the best video stabilization you will find on a camera. It can shoot burst images as well at 12-megapixel images. You can take this camera underwater up to 33 feet and it will still stay alive.

If you are someone that loves the action and wants to record everything closely, then you should add this camera in your collection. You won't miss any kind of adventure then.



After reading this guide, you will be able to make the right decision for yourself. You can now spend your money on the gadget that you need. This is also a great guide for people who are searching for a gift for their geek friends.

If you have any questions or something you would like to add, you can share it with us in the comment section down below.

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